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Landscapes Revealed

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Documents the results of geophysical and related survey of c. 285 hectares between Skara Brae and Maeshowe, Orkney, providing a landscape context for prehistoric monuments.
Silk Roads

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The volume emphasizes exchange and transformation along the Silk Roads, highlighting the multiplicity of networks that constituted the Silk Roads, and approaches to the Silk Roads from Antiquity to China’s One Belt One Road Initiative from Afro-Eurasia to the Americas.
Everyday Life in Viking-Age Towns

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The thirteen chapters in this book bring together the current state of knowledge about Viking-Age towns (c. 800–1100) from both sides of the Irish Sea, focusing on everyday life in and around these emerging settlements. What was it really like to grow up, live, and die in these towns?
Karia and the Dodekanese

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Karia and the Dodekanese Vol. II presents new research that highlights cultural interrelations and connectivity in the Southeast Aegean and western Asia Minor over a period of more than 700 years.
Current Approaches to Tells in the Prehistoric Old World

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A comprehensive examination of the tell phenomenon across Europe and the Near East from the Neolithic to Iron Age, addressing key themes of commonality and diversity.
Monumentalising Life in the Neolithic

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The papers in this volume discuss the latest insights into why monumental architecture became an integral part of early farming societies in Europe and beyond.
Prehistoric Ukraine

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This volume covers the Prehistory of Ukraine from the Lower Palaeolithic through to the end of the Neolithic periods. The chapters in this volume provide up-to-date overviews of all aspects of prehistoric culture development in Ukraine and present details of the key sites and finds for the periods studied.
Making Journeys

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Making Journeys explores new avenues of approach to the movement of people and ideas in the past through detailed examination of the biographies of artifacts, from their origins to their places and contexts (physical and social) of deposition.

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Medieval Rural Settlement

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This book is a major assessment and review of the origins, forms and evolutions of medieval rural settlement in Britain and Ireland across the period c. AD 800-1600.
Design is Power
Nowadays we are used to think of design in terms of quality and beauty of the tangible or intangible artefacts that are generated by an industrialised system. Considering objects, graphic representations, interfaces or services, the main difference between craftsmanship and design stays in the replicability and scalability of the proposed solution
Fa?ā?il-i Balkh, or The Merits of Balkh
First annotated English translation from Persian of the 13th-century local history of the famed city and province of Balkh (Afghanistan).
Reminiscences of a Jacobite
When Jacobite enthusiast Michael Nevin successfully bid for a handwritten letter and memorandum by Bonnie Prince Charlie at an auction, little did he realize he had come into possession of material that would change our view of history.
Gnostic Jihadism
Revolutionary Gnosticism is a movement common to several revolutionary phenomena, such as Nazism and Bolshevism. Arrigo is the first scholar to study Salafi- Jihadism in gnostic terms to reveal the movement's will of redeeming humankind from Evil and building the perfect society, leaving God without a possibility of intervening in human affairs.
Romania and World War II
This book is a collection of studies, in English and Romanian, by distinguished American, European, and Romanian historians on the situation of Romania during World War II presented at the First International Conference of the Center for Romanian Studies held in Ia?i on 25-26 May 1995.
Goddesses of Akragas
This study of terracotta votive figurines from Akragas (Agrigento, Sicily) dating from the end of the sixth to the beginning of the fifth century BCE aims to investigate and explain their production, use and meaning as votives and grave goods.