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  1. Teaching Black

    Teaching Black: Pedagogy, Practice, and Perspectives on Writing [Hardback]

    Ana Lara (Editor); drea brown (Editor)


    ISBN: 9780822946953
    Published by : University of Pittsburgh Press
    Series: Composition, Literacy, and Culture
    Not yet published - available for pre-order
    - .... Learn More
  2. Women and Peace

    Women and Peace: A new training model for a culture of inclusion [Paperback]

    Angelo Romeo (Editor); Maria Caterina Federici (Editor)


    ISBN: 9788869773013
    Published by : Mimesis International
    This book reports not only a didactic experience but also research, offering a training model on peace mediation. The female protagonists of this research experience the role of trainers of other compatriots through a new didactic model. Comp... .... Learn More
  3. Atmospheres of Learning

    Atmospheres of Learning: How They Affect the Development of Our Children [Paperback]

    Barbara Wolf (Author)


    ISBN: 9788869771729
    Published by : Mimesis International
    Series: Atmospheric Spaces
    Socialization in childhood and at a young age is marked, not only by measurable factors such as age, sex, ethnic group, religion or parents’ income, but also by variables such as depression, aggressiveness, inner calm or serenity. It makes all the... .... Learn More
  4. #Forty

    #Forty: Be the change [Paperback]

    Jonathan Shaw (Author)


    ISBN: 9789993276876
    Published by : Midsea Books
    It’s not every day that we wake up and decide to put life on hold and start living. This is what Jonathan did after turning forty. Having realized that probably he had already lived half his life he decided to embark on a sabbatical to enjoy time ... .... Learn More
  5. A Critique of Universities

    A Critique of Universities [Paperback]

    Pall Skulason (Author)


    ISBN: 9789935230737
    Published by : University of Iceland Press
    Páll Skúlason was Dean of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Iceland for several years and the Rector of that university from 1997-2005. He was also recruited to take an active part in shaping the University of Luxembourg, which was fouded i... .... Learn More
  6. Wesleyan University, 1910–1970

    Wesleyan University, 1910–1970 [Hardback]

    David B. Potts (Author)


    ISBN: 9780819575197
    Published by : Wesleyan University Press
    In Wesleyan University, 1910 - 1970, David B. Potts presents an engaging story that includes a measured departure from denominational identity, an enterprising acquisition of fabulous wealth, and a burst of enthusiastic aspirations that initiated ... .... Learn More
  7. Education and Responsibility

    Education and Responsibility [Paperback]

    Tunis Romein (Author)


    ISBN: 9780813154336
    Published by : University Press of Kentucky
    This book reveals the sources of the disquiet prevailing among educators over the apparent failure of the public school system to develop moral responsibility in America's youth. The doctrine of separation of church and state has made sectarian re... .... Learn More
  8. Highlander

    Highlander: No Ordinary School 1932-1962 [Paperback]

    John M. Glen (Author)


    ISBN: 9780813152806
    Published by : University Press of Kentucky
    and racial justice during a critical era in southern and Appalachian history. This volume is the first comprehensive examination of that extraordinary -- and often controversial -- institution. Founded in 1932 by Myles Horton and Don West near Mon... .... Learn More
  9. Education for Tragedy

    Education for Tragedy: Essays in Disenchanted Hope for Modern Man [Paperback]

    Kenneth D. Benne (Author)


    ISBN: 9780813151229
    Published by : University Press of Kentucky
    A distinguished educator and social critic here considers the demands put upon democratic and progressive policies in education, which remains, he believes, man's strongest hope for creating new bases for human values in an age of change and cultu... .... Learn More
  10. Moral and Spiritual Values in Education

    Moral and Spiritual Values in Education: A Challenge to Every American [Paperback]

    William Clayton Bower (Author)


    ISBN: 9780813151373
    Published by : University Press of Kentucky
    This book deals with the multiple problem of education in the public schools as it relates to moral and spiritual values. The author cuts a wide swath through the tangled underbrush of church and state, religion and education, sacred and secular, ... .... Learn More

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